Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Sinful Woman...

The story of this particular woman is found in Luke 7:36-50.  Again, it is a familiar story, but I stopped and really looked at the details of her story and how the men in the story responded to her actions. 

Let's set the stage for the story:

Who:  Simon the Pharisee, Jesus, other guests, the sinful woman (immoral woman)

What:  the men were enjoying a meal at Simon's house, this woman appears with a very expensive vial of perfume to anoint Jesus' feet, Simon assumed that Jesus didn't know who she was and that Jesus couldn't know his thoughts - but Jesus knew both!  Simon learned an important lesson that day.

When: while they were reclined at the dinner table (they didn't sit at the table, but reclined beside the table - how was that comfortable?!)

Why: the woman had heard that Jesus was at Simon's house and she wanted to bless Jesus because she loved Him for loving people like her

How:  she stood behind him, she cried so hard that her tears wet his feet, she wiped his feet with her hair then anointed his feet with her expensive perfume, she kissed his feet - and he stayed where he was and let her do what she came to do

As I was going over these facts of the story, some questions came to mind -

What had she seen and heard about Jesus that made her want to approach a famous but controversial rabbi?

Why did she bring expensive perfume to anoint him?  How could she afford such an item?  Was she a high profile prostitute with wealthy clients?

How did she have access to Simon's house and why did he not have her removed when he clearly knew who and what she was?


I love the result of her brave actions.  Jesus knew who she was, what she was.  But he also knew her heart and her love for him.  Because she took a chance to show him, he provided three things to her:


He offers the same three things to any of us who approach him with repentance and love - regardless of who or what we are, what we've done...

Sadly, I can't get any pics to upload so today's recipe (Shrimp and Cheesy Grits) will have to wait.  It's a good one, too!  I'll keep trying...

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